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Bramblewool, Dungada 100% wool, Latvian wool – LIME

Bramblewool, Dungada 100% wool, Latvian wool – LIME


Beautiful 6/1, original dundaga wool, straight from Latvia

108 GRAMS = 453 M

100% wool made from sheep is a natural fiber renowned for its exceptional qualities. It is derived from the fleece of sheep and undergoes a process of shearing, cleaning, and spinning to transform it into yarn or fabric. Wool is highly regarded for its insulating properties, providing warmth and comfort in colder climates. Its natural crimp and elasticity contribute to its durability and resilience, allowing it to retain its shape and resist wrinkles. Wool is also breathable, wicking away moisture and regulating body temperature, making it suitable for a wide range of weather conditions. Additionally, it possesses inherent flame resistance and has natural moisture-wicking capabilities. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for various applications, including clothing, blankets, hats, shawls etc.

100 gram = 420 meters

Recommended hook/ needle 3 mm – 3.5 mm

Take care while washing, 30°C hand-wash only

Lie flat to dry

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